Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book 104: The Berenstains' B Book

The Berenstains' B Book, Random House 1971

During the night, my little boy tipped over his toy bin and used it to scale his bookshelves. This morning there were a pile of about twenty books on the floor and he wanted me to read every one of them. For the most part, he would lose interest after a page or two, but a few he listened to right until the end. Those books deserve a write-up.

That he listened all the way through The Berenstains' B Book surprised me. I did lose interest after about the fourth page, but he was loving all those Bs, so I read it to the end. This is a silly little book, which, not shockingly emphasizes the letter B. It becomes quite a tricky tongue-twister long before you reach the end of the book. I couldn't really tell you what specifically my three-year-old liked about the book, but he did really enjoy it.

The illustrations feature the funnel-snouted animals of the Berenstains -- cute and colorful, but not easily recognizable, and, therefore not my favorite style. Again, my little boy liked all the silly images and colors, even if he didn't believe me that the bear was supposed to be a bear.

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