Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book 74: Over in the Ocean

Over in the Ocean, In a Coral Reef, written by Marianne Berkes, illustrated by Jeanette Canyon, Dawn Publication, 2004.   Toddler to Preschool to Early Elementary

My son is not yet two-and-a-half, and can count to ten by himself. What does that have to do with this book? Well, Over in the Ocean is a counting-to-ten book, and he has heard this story repeatedly. Never underestimate the power of reading to your children.

Over in the Ocean is also a "song" book (to the tune of Over in the Meadow), and it is a beautifully, polymer clay, illustrated book. It is also another book by my friendly acquaintance, Marianne Berkes. In fact, the first time I heard this book was when the children's library staff was helping her present it to a very full room of children at a summer program. I was really into the song until I got caught out by the seahorse. That one little twist makes the book memorable. And as I've said before, it is beautiful, with its turquoise ocean and brightly colored sea life.


  1. I love this book! I love all her books! Remember MARCH MUSIC and when she orchestrated the kids 'frog voices' at the summer reading program?

    She is so clever and fun! As are her books!

    I will fb Marianne to read your review!

  2. I went to her website, and she has a couple of new books out! So I stopped by Barnes and Noble to check them out along with Ollie and Tugg by Gary Bernard (Pemba Sherpa)0917665872, but couldn't find either of them! I was so disappointed! I am going to see if they will put them on thier shelves? Wonder if they will do that for me?

  3. I do have the Australia book, which I think is her newest. And she signed it for Thomas. :)

    Her rainforest book was listed in a SC pamphlet 100 Picture Books for Preschool Children. I told her, because that's just great!