Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book 105: Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop, by Dr. Seuss, Random House 1963

This was another book that I thought my son would soon tire. I was wrong. Oh, that Dr. Seuss! I couldn't tell you why he likes the book, even when he is not paying any attention to the illustrations. He just does.

I'll tell you why I like reading it out loud. It is fun in a rhymy-whymy way. It has the cadence of a chant. It is funny. And the illustrations -- even upside down and backwards, the illustrations are colorful and whimsical. Even if my son is too busy dancing to the rhythm of the text to notice the illustrations, I find them a delight.

Enjoy Seuss' birthday month with this or another favorite of his books.

For reviews on books to borrow, please see Louise's Blog in Blogs I Follow.


  1. Hop on Pop was one of my favorites! Right after Alex's favorite, HAND HAND FINGERS THUMB and INSIDE OUTSIDE UPSIDE DOWN..... ;-)!!!! Both of which you can still buy at Amazon!

  2. I loved Inside, Outside, Upside Down! That was a Berenstain book, I think.