Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book 161: Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes

Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes, written by Eric Litwin, Illustrated by James Dean, Harper Collins 2010.  Preschool to Early Elementary.

In my house, I have some pretty cool cats, but not one is as cool as Pete the Cat.  First of all, he wears Converse hightop Chucks (like me).  And he is completely unflappable (not so much like me).  He is able to turn any potentially bad situation into a good one (I wish that were me).  Anyway, my little boy heard this cool cat story at the library during a recent Story Time.  He told me that he wanted that book.  Instead of checking it out, I just went ahead and bought it.  We just got our copy in the mail.  He sang the story with me and said, "I love it!"

The illustrations accompanying the lovable text are equally lovable.  I love seeing those hightop Chucks change color, as does my son.  And the additional props in the drawings just add to Pete the Cat's coolness.  Such a winning book.  There is a summed up moral at the end of the story, which normally would annoy me, but Pete the Cat is far too cool to be gorpy.


  1. I bought a Pete The Cat book for a little one in my life and she just loved it! These books are a huge hit.

    1. I so agree, Darlene. We've read this book every day, usually two or three times a day, since we received it.

  2. I love my white shoes! Oh no, they're now red.
    I love my red shoes! Oh no, they're now blue.
    I love my blue shoes! Oh no, they're now brown.
    I love my brown shoes! Oh no, they're now wet.
    I love my wet shoes!