Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book 233: Me and My Dragon, Scared of Halloween

Me and My Dragon:  Scared of Halloween, by David Biedrzycki, Charlesbridge 2013.

I adore David Biedrzycki's Dragon books, in part, because of the brilliant and hilarious artwork (more about that later), but mostly because they are absolutely perfect reading for an almost-five-year-old boy.  I just so happen to have an almost-five-year-old boy.

The text is funny, entertaining and not at all overwhelming, and the conclusion of the story is highly satisfactory and very relatable.  In short, it's perfect.

The artwork IS brilliant and hilarious.  The facial expressions of the dragon are priceless.  Every page made my son giggle.  In short, it's perfect.


  1. Your reviews are always succinct, hit the core elements, and show exactly why each book is a wonderful read for kids. This one now pinned to my Book Reviews (kids to YA) on Pinterest

    1. Thanks, Margot! I try not to give away the story in reviews -- it really annoys me when people do that -- but I do try to say why I liked the book.