Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book 251: The Tawny, Scrawny Lion

The Tawny, Scrawny Lion, by Kathryn Jackson, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, Little Golden Book, 1952.   Preschool, Early Elementary.

I was very sensitive as a child.  The idea of one animal eating another animal bothered me.  So, as a consequence, despite the fantastic artwork, I did not really like this book.

Fast-forward thirty or so years and I'm working as a children's librarian.  For some reason, our department decided to turn this book into a puppet show.  I'm working on the "screenplay" for the puppet show, and I suddenly realize how funny this book actually is.

My newly-five-year-old son has a very strong and and strange sense of humor.  He also is drawn to beautiful artwork.  He, of course, loves this book.

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