Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book 378: Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude, by Kevin O'Malley, and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley, Carol Heyer, and Scott Goto, Bloomsbury, 2005.

I was a little leery when I first heard of this book, and even when I first began reading it.  I never was a purple-and-pink princess type, and I like motorcycles -- well, I like vintage trucks more -- but I can appreciate a great motorcycle.

The beginning of the book does seem to put the kids in the color-coded toy aisles, but then there a shift, and the story becomes far more interesting.  The two wildly divergent stories merge into one very fun story.

And the artwork for the story again seems to be from two competitive art styles, that, by the end work very well together.

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