Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book 111: Nana's Gift

Nana's Gift, by Agy Wilson, 2012.  (Elementary)

The opening line for Nana's Gift was simple, poetic and a perfect set-up for the story to follow.  The tale itself is nothing new -- it is a timeless story of forgiveness and redemption -- but it is told in such a personal way that one can feel an almost immediate connection with the author.  It is as if we are being invited into her home and into her memories.  There are places in this book that could benefit from the "tightening up" of a very good editor, as long as none of the illustrations are sacrificed.

All the illustrations in this book are good, but a couple of them jump out as being something special.  A kitchen scene and an outdoor scene, in particular, are beautifully evocative.

This is the first "book" I've read on a computer, and nothing against the story, but I won't be giving up my bookcases any time soon.  I could see a grandmother and child reading this book together, and turning the pages together.  

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