Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book 118: Nite Nite Soldier

Major Manners Presents Nite Nite Soldier, written by Michael and Beth Hafer, illustrated by Russ Cox, Out House Ink Publishing, 2012.  (Preschool/Early Elementary)

The dedication in this book won me over right away.  Nite Nite Soldier is dedicated to military families.   As the sister of a retired veteran, I loved that; as the nephew of a retired veteran, so did my son.

Nite Nite Soldier sets getting-ready-for-bed activities to a cadence, so it is a fun read for the adult reader.  It is also fun for the listeners who get to repeat parts of the cadence.  What makes Nite Nite Soldier really special, however, is the delightful artwork.

On every page, Russ Cox's vivid illustrations pop with humor and texture.  I giggle every time I see Major Manners parading around in his pink bunny slippers.  And the expressions on the children's faces  have to be seen to be enjoyed.

There is also a CD with this book.  I have yet to listen to it because I want to read the story.

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