Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book 121: Me and My Dragon

Me and My Dragon, by David Biedrzycki, Charlesbridge 2011.  (Preschool/Early Elementary)

September is "Read to Your Dragon Month," and there is no better book to read to your dragon than "Me and My Dragon" by David Biedryzcki.

When I was a kid, I wished I had a dragon just like the one in this book.  For one thing, he would have eaten my brussel sprouts.  Actually, that alone would have been enough of a reason.  The dragon in "Me and My Dragon" is such a friendly dragon that my almost-four year old son thinks he says, "Good morning, little boy.  Have a wonderful day".  And he probably does; I'm just too old to hear it.

The story is adorable, but what really sets this book apart and made me want to buy it are the fabulous, whimsical, slightly off-beat and ridiculously brilliant illustrations.  The cover artwork is only a taste of what is in store for readers of this book.

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