Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book 260: A Bad Kitty Christmas

A Bad Kitty Christmas, by Nick Bruel, Roaring Brook Press 2011.

I just love the Nick Bruel "Bad Kitty" books.  Not only are they a fun and delightful romp through the alphabet, they also tell a story.  It is not easy to tell stories using the alphabet.  If you don't believe me, pull ten or so ABC books off the shelves of the picture book section of the library.  How many actually tell a story?  How many use the alphabet THREE TIMES to tell a story?  

Although I love the"Bad Kitty" books, this Christmas book is even more special and spectacular.  This story made me tear up a bit.  And laugh.  And smile.  And buy the book. 

And the artwork?  Well, I think this book contains the best illustrations out of any of the "Bad Kitty" books.  They, too, are even more special and spectacular. 

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