Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Friday, January 23, 2015

Book 401: Savvy Chic

Savvy Chic -- The Art of More for Less, Anna Johnson, Avon Book, 2010.

I, like Anna Johnson, traveled quite a bit in my youth, never living longer than five years in one place.  Unlike Anna, though, as an adult, I like having roots and strong community ties (and a bank account, however small it is). I am not a bohemian, although I do love to travel.

Because I am not a bohemian, I had difficulties with parts of this book.  The traveling cheap section and flea market hunting section scared me a little  -- I have traveled cheaply, and have scoured flea markets, but these are not my usual way of life.  I would never sign up with art galleries for the free food, nor take advantage of other such offerings -- this strikes me as dishonest and unfair to the artists.

There is some good advice contained in the book, but what Anna Johnson sees as more for less, isn't always what I see as more for less.

I have many, many talented friends, so I'm more about the barter.  Just this week, for the cost of a handmade necklace, I scored six mismatched, handcrafted pottery bowls, one of which is perfect for my homemade yogurt.  One of the bowls broke in transit, so it has been glued together and contains ribbon-tied stalks of lavender.  Try to find something like that in a flea market!

There are ways to achieve the life you want.  Or you can realize how very much you already have.

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