Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book 47: Little Quack's Bedtime

Book 47: Little Quack's Bedtime, by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Derek Anderson, Little Simon 2009 (board book edition).   Baby to Toddler

My toddler son can't yet say duck, but he can quack, so he calls a duck a "quack, quack". When I read him this story, he quacks at every page. It is incredibly adorable. And so are the illustrations in this book.

I keep a stack of books on a bookshelf within my son's reach. Of course, they are all the virtually indestructible board book (even some of the board books are showing signs of wear, so only virtually indestructible). I let him "read" his books during the day and pick out the books he wants to hear at night. Little Quack's Bedtime is chosen about every other night.

I don't know if he chooses it because he likes the story, or because he likes the illustrations, or because he likes saying "quack, quack". It doesn't matter. I love to see him point at the ducks in the picture and quack for them.

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