Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book 55: A to Z

Book 55: A to Z, by Sandra Boynton, Little Simon 1995 (board book).  Baby to Toddler

Today, I noticed that the spines of my son's board books were getting a bit ratty from all the love he's been giving them. So I gathered up all his board books and reinforced their spines with clear packing tape. (The good thing about moving/packing is that packing tape is readily available.) In his stack of newly restored books I rediscovered this little gem.

Every child should own a Sandra Boynton book. Not so much for the writing; although, I certainly wouldn't fault it, but for the illustrations. Her work is instantly recognizable, deceptively simple, and inimitable. Not that I'm especially interested in drawing cartoon characters, but I wish I could say as much for my work. One of her books is an instant pick-me-up, for the adult reading and the child listening, and, of course, looking.

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