Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book 36: Mirror Mirror

Book 36: Mirror Mirror, by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Josee Masse.   Preschool to elementary.

I love this book! I checked this book out from the library the first week it came in, and I had to order a copy for myself. This is a great book for anyone who likes poetry, fairy-tale and beautiful illustrations (who doesn't?), and a must-have for anyone who likes all three.

The poems offer a succinct summation to common fairy-tales, and from two different points of view. I won't even pretend that my toddler son understands this book, although he will sit still to listen to poetry, but I love how it stretches my "mommy-brain" and forces me to respect the subtleties of good punctuation -- something I have obviously let slide. Any cure for "mommy-brain" is a very good thing. And this book has inspired my new favorite form of poetry: The Reverso. It is pretty hard to write, so Marilyn Singer has a good deal of my respect.

As I am a visual person, I will have to mention the illustrations, which are clever, vibrant and beautiful. My favorite is probably the one for Little Red Riding Hood. You'll have to check out this book from your library, or better yet, buy it to see it.

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