Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book 217: Color Kittens

Color Kittens, written by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Martin Provensen, Little Golden Book 1949.  Preschool and Early Elementary.

Yesterday, my little boy painted.  He mixed his water colors and came up with some unusual color combinations.  And when he finished painting, his rinse-water was brown.  Last night, he pulled this book off of the shelf to read.  I think he connected the two.

Margaret Wise Brown wrote with amazing clarity and beauty and with a ear for rhythm.  It is no wonder that her works have endured and are still adored.  Color Kittens is a great example of her typical writing for children.  And it is also a useful book for teaching basic color theory (for paints, not light).

Martin Provensen did a fantastic job with keeping up with Brown's writing.  His kittens are utterly charming, and the mixed paint scenes are delightfully wonderful.

Our grey kitten, Molly, knocked over some of my son's paints when he was painting.  Perhaps she wanted to be a Color Kitten.

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