Young Reader in the Making

Young Reader in the Making

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book 220: Don't Squish the Sasquatch

Don't Squish the Sasquatch, written by Kent Redeker, illustrated by Bob Staake, Hyperion Books, 2012.

When I read the opening lines of: "Hello, Mr. Blobule!  May I please ride your bus?"  I knew I was in for a book of unsurpassed silliness.  Don't Squish the Sasquatch is a simple, repetitive, ridiculous, and, therefore, completely brilliant book for beginning readers.  And if the repetition starts to get to you as an adult, just look over the child's shoulder to see the equally ridiculous (and, therefore, completely brilliant) illustrations.

I don't know a whole lot about the publishing of children's books, but I think normally a book is written and then the illustrator is found.  In this case, however, I tend to think that Kent Redeker knew that Bob Staake would be illustrating his book as he was writing it.  I can't think of anyone better suited for bringing Mr. Octo-Rhino to life.


  1. This sounds like a super kid friendly book. I wish you would add good cover shots with your reviews. It is the cover that first hooks buyers - especially with picture books. I have added some of your reviews to my Pinterest Review page, but without a strong bright cover they do not get attention

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